Jack-Post believes in providing our customers and consumers with a quality product. We offer a wide range in warranty agreements. We service replacement parts on products for 3 years. If you purchased our product from a retailer, we are not able to return your product. Please go to the retailer that you purchased the product from for a refund/exchange.

Do you have a catalog, can I order direct?

Answer: We do not sell directly to consumers, we sell to distributors or you may find our products online.

What can I treat my wooden furniture with?  

Answer: Refer to the wood care guide that is included with the furniture or provide them with suggestions.

Do you sell cushions or covers?  

Answer: At this time, we do not. We suggest going to your local retailer to purchase cushions. Be sure to measure your furniture to get the correct size!

Where can I find the model number and date?  

Answer: Model numbers are located in the top left corner of instructions, and there may be more than one model listed. The instruction date is located in the lower right corner.

Can I look up my product and order replacement parts on line?  

Answer: At this time replacement parts are only available by calling customer service at 800-800-4950 or emailing us at cs@jack-post.com.

Phone: 800-800-4950

Email: cs@jack-post.com