Jack-Post Corporation is an industry leader in manufacturing outdoor furniture and Christmas tree stands, founded in 1964. We manufacture goods in Asia and Michigan. The company name, Jack-Post derives from a building column business that was sold in 2002.

We’ve been manufacturing quality outdoor furniture since 1978. We also manufacture steel, welded, plastic and cast iron tree stands and tree accessories overseas and in Michigan. Jack-Post is the successor company to the tree stand company, National Metal. We ship to home improvement stores, hardware co-operative distributors, mass merchant, drug and grocery accounts all over the world. Our products are proprietary and many have patented designs.

Reasons to work with Jack-Post:

-Several years of experience working with a third party inspection team to ensure the quality in our products
-Offer a private label program
-Offer consolidated programs
-We can customize and containerize your programs to provide you with a program that fits your wants and needs
-We ship on time